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I'm many things that I don't have the energy to list. If you're interested in MMO RP from ArcheAge to FFXIV to Aion, follow me.

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The Selfie Hand Shake

I’m making this a thing

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well it’s about time fred got some character development

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god shinji he said he wanted to have some tea not suck your dick

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Ohh, Bette Midler. Stop being awesome.

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Vahn Draren has been growing his hair for four years with minimal trimming. Due to his angular face, soft features, long hair, and eyeliner, he’s often mistaken for a female.

I was playing in the salon and testing what he’d look like without makeup and with shorter hair. Turns out he’s still really super pretty. Reminds me of Ren’s transformation in Nu’est, sort of. XD Ah, but I can’t commit to a cut like this right now. It’s too drastic, and I can’t think of a way to magic back his hair if I get sick of it.

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4 days till f(x) 5th anniversary:  f(different)
"f(x) music style is very unique and its very different from the other groups and they are very pretty."

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