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I'm many things that I don't have the energy to list. If you're interested in MMO RP from ArcheAge to FFXIV to Aion, follow me.

If you like the pictures, videos, games and music I like, follow me.

If you care to peek in to the occasional rant or rave that comes from the mind of a transgendered man dealing with the end of a long-term relationship, and trying to manage clinical depression, follow me.

Moreover, if you're a friend or a former friend, an acquaintance or a prospective friend, follow me, and get in touch with me. Don't be shy.

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4 days till f(x) 5th anniversary:  f(different)
"f(x) music style is very unique and its very different from the other groups and they are very pretty."

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words to live by

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How to make an aggressive pro-lifer stop talking: Just record him. 

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My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.

…They are no longer friends.

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Thought I’d share. This is the day before and day after my top surgery. In the first pic, I’m wearing my very best beinder which still doesn’t really do a great job. In public I’d overheat myself wearing a hoodie over that because the contour is not convincing to anyone. D cups are HARD TO HIDE.

On the right, this is me the day after surgery. I have to get rid of my stomach now, but the contour even with the bit of swelling I have going on is looking great. I’m also really freaking excited I can finally wear this tank.

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gently bap your passum

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Leviosa by policebox1989 featuring a white sweatshirt

White sweatshirt / TheLees low rise jeans / Vans canvas shoes, $77